USK – Urban Survival Knife

What kind of knife might a person forced to survive in an urban environment need, where, in addition to the knife’s reliability and load capacity, concealability is also an important aspect? Such a knife must meet a number of requirements, because in times of crisis the city can be a very difficult terrain, where you also have to take into account that large, spectacular knives can cause fear and aggression in people. So you need a strong cutting tool that can solve knife tasks, but it must be compact enough to be hidden, used discreetly, and relatively inconspicuous. With these needs in mind, I designed the USK, i.e. Urban Survival Knife.

Features of USK:

The USK clip point is made with a 12.5 cm long and 3.5 cm wide blade. The blade has a false edge, which increases the stabbing ability. The blade edge is not sharp, it has an “edge” about 0.5 mm thick. The tip is located about 1/3 of the plane of the blade. This has a better stabbing ability than the classic convex tip, although it is somewhat more fragile, but paired with the thick blade, it is still a sufficiently reliable shape. 


The edge is of the saber type (HFG High flat grind) with a straight cutting edge and a convex cutting edge. The sharpening on the 6 mm thick blade is about 22 mm high. The material of the blade is 6mm thick and 60 HRC hard sleipner tool steel. The sleipner is also a good choice for this knife, because it is sufficiently rust-free, but gives a tough, hard-wearing blade, which also holds an edge well enough for this hardness. The grip is 125 mm long, built with approximately 120 mm long grip panels, fixed with screws and glue. The breaking tip, which is an essential element of a survival knife, provides additional functions, is 6mm wide and has the cord hole. The material of the handle is primarily black FR4, which is the most resistant material available, highly recommended for such a knife. The handle is very stable, comfortable and does not hinder the use of the knife. Its main feature is the “dog bone” shape of the grip panels, i.e. two depressions are ground into both panels at the front and back, which makes the grip thicker at both ends and in the middle, and this, in addition to the strong grip guard and the widening in front of the breaking tip, really ensures the stable catch. The hand does not slip on the handle during use, which is very important in difficult conditions, when a hand injury is not the least bit missing. The holster is kydex, on which small holsters or ulticlip can be mounted. These are not included in the basic equipment, so everyone decides for themselves what type of attachment they choose for the case. With the help of these, the knife can be easily attached to a belt, backpack, or side bag in its case in several positions. Enables quick concealment or pre-retrieval when USK needs to be used.

Blade size: 125x35x6mm
Blade material: Sleipner 60 HRC
Handle size: 125x33x22mm
Handle material: FR4, wood, micarta
Felhasználási terület: compact all-purpose survival knife, which can be used in many ways
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