Bushcraft knives




Bozótműves-11 is a bushcraft knife. Compact, powerful, suitable for performing various tasks that arise during bushcraft, such as cutting thinner wood for shelter construction, fire cutting, splitting, lighting the fire with a spark thrower, cooking, preparing food to bake, etc.


Its size and shape make it suitable for solving the knife tasks that arise during bushcraft. Carving wood, making feather branches, lighting a fire, and preparing food can easily be solved with it in camp conditions. This is a light knife, it can be easily carried on a belt or in a backpack even on a long hike.


The Scandi Nordic style knife. A contoured handle version of the Viking Age work knives. A knife with a simple shape, clean to the extreme.



Middletrapper is a simple, strong forest/bushcraft knife for universal use. The knife
its design is based on the French trade knife popular in North America from the 17th century to the present day.