The Littletrapper is the EDC-sized version of the Trapper. The shape of this is also like that of the French trade knife. The blade is 8 cm long, with a convex tip. The grip is 10 cm long and is made in the style of the grip of black powder pistols. This knife can be a good choice in the field of everyday carry EDC knives. It is a practical piece that can be comfortably carried in a pocket and can cope with all tasks that may arise on an average weekday.

The 4 mm thick blade is made of sleipner tool steel, but it is also available with a 6 mm thick blade. The handle can be wood, FR4, mikarta, according to the owner’s needs. Its case is a bit more special than other models. The holster’s hanger is a D ring, through which the holster can be hung on the belt with a carabiner. The whole construction can be carried comfortably, hidden, and the knife can also be easily retrieved.

Blade sizes: 80x34x4 (6)mm
Blade material: Sleipner  60HRC
Handle sizes: 100x(24-30)x20mm
Handle material: FR4, wood, micarta
Total length: 180mm
Area of use: EDC