This leuku is the Saami leuku, or, as they call it, the Stuorraniibi transcript from the Shaman’s workshop. Leuku is an essential tool for Saami’s everyday life. In the midst of the difficult conditions of the arctic regions, in recent centuries it has grown into an all-purpose tool and has proven to be suitable as a replacement for smaller knives and axes. The Sami people used it to cut firewood, to make reindeer pens, traps, and other tools, and to process killed animals or reindeer with the leuku. If we look at an authentic leuk, we can see that this tool is really suitable for many things.

The long and wide blade is excellent for slashing cuts, rougher carvings, chopping, slicing, and food preparation. The wide, oval cross-section handle, which widens at the end, is a real tool handle. You can definitely hold it, even with gloves on, and it won’t slip out of your hand when you hit it or cut it with twigs. A real versatile tool. That’s why I thought that this tool could also be useful for nature lovers and bushcrafters in our region.

The Shaman leuku kept the typical features of the original leuku:

The blade is 22 cm long, 4 cm wide, with a slightly convex point, which makes it easier to store the knife in the case. The blade is minimally widened towards the tip. The edge is a 24′-26′ scandivex edge. The grip is contoured, fitted with grip panels, secured with screws and glue. The handle has an oval cross-section, and ends with the thickest and widening end of the handle in the middle. The latter is an important element, which makes leuku a leuku. Unlike the original, the shaman leuk also has a grip protector, for safety reasons. The material of the handle can be FR4 or any wood.

The holster is a simple leather purse holster, the handle hides the knife up to two-thirds of the way.

Blade size: 220x40x6mm
Blade material: Sleipner  60 HRC
Handle size: 130x35x22mm
Handle material: FR4,wood, micarta
Area of use: Bushcraft, camping