The Nomad bushcraft knife. Its size and shape make it suitable for solving the knife tasks that arise during bushcraft. Carving wood, making feather branches, lighting a fire, and preparing food can easily be solved with it in camp conditions. This is a light knife, it can be easily carried on a belt or in a backpack even on a long hike.

The 10.5 cm long blade has a convex tip. The point of the knife is sharp except for the three-centimeter section after the handle, it starts the spark thrower well and is suitable for scraping. The handle protector is small, triangular in shape, on the one hand it protects the hand while carving, and on the other hand, its outer side guides the edge of the knife onto the wood material intended for carving.

The handle is a classic bushcraft knife handle. In the middle, it is the widest, fish body shape when viewed from above, with a bird’s head-shaped grip end and a breaking end. The case is the usual wallet case.

Blade size: 105x30x5mm
Blade material: Rigor, N690
Handle size: 120x29x22mm
Handle material: FR4, wood, micarta
Area of use: Bushcraft