Shooter is a military/camp/survival knife, which is a suitable cutting tool for the members of armed forces, for their full service time.

The blade of knife is 14 cm long. Its form is clip point, there are grooves, and secondary edge on the spine, the tip is at the ΒΌ of the blade width. The grind is sable type with flat primary, and convex cutting edge. The hight of grind is about 22 mm on the 6mm thick blade. The surface is finished with hand sanding, not polished. The blade material can be Sleipner, or Rigor tool steel.

The handle is 126mm long, built with 120mm long scales, fitted with screwes and gluing. In most cases the handle material is black FR4, which is the most resistant material, highly offered to a knife like this. The handle is sanded by hand, and I can make rough surface with some filing. Its form is convex in the middle, and it has broad end. The pommel is 6mm wide, and the lanyard hole is positioned on it. Sheath is strong, pouch style, made of rawhide.

Details of the knife:

Blade size: 140x34x6mm
Blade material: Sleipner, Rigor 58-60 HRC
Handle size: 126x32x22mm
Handle material: FR4
Field of usage: Military, camping, bushcraft, expedition.
Base price: 140EUR
Optional: Micarta – 9EUR