Master Hunter

As its name shows, it is a hunting knife. The blade is 12 cm long, and drop point, with sable grind, there are finger grooves at the begining of spine. 5 mm thick steel is maybe better choice to this knife, but it can be ordered from 6mm thick sleipner too. There are some pieces in usage like this, and I have not got feedback, that those knives are too heavy.

The handle is 12,5 cm long, divided type, slightly shares the fingers of holding hand, but it does not hinder in changing of grips. Handle scales can be made of any kind of material in the shop, and fixed with screwes, and glueing. There is lanyard hole in every handle, even it has not got real function a knife with this size. I can make Master Hunter with, or without bolsters. Perhaps the version with bolsters is the better choice, because the riveted and glued bolsters, made of stainless steel, is a typic part of a hunting knife, prevents against soaking, and contamination of wood scales during prepairing games. The sheath is made of 3 mm thick rawhide, pouch style, holds the knife well, and ensure the taking out, or setting back with one hand.

Details of the knife:

Blade size: 120x34x5mm
Blade material: Sleipner, N690 60-61HRC
Handle size: 125x34x22mm
Handle material: FR4, wood, micarta
Field of usage: Hunting
Base price: 140EUR
Optional: Micarta – 9EUR
N690 steel – 8EUR