Shoki is a fix blade EDC knife. It is similar to the japan kozuka knife, very simple. The blade is made of Sleipner tool steel, 8cm long. Cutting edge is parallel with the straight spine. The edge is scandi-convex type, and it can cut well in spite of 5-6mm thick blade. It is incredible, but most Shoki is being ordered with 6mm blade. Ricasso is very short, just gives enough room for my logo. The handle is straight, it has the same width, and thickness almost on the whole lenght, with a 4 mm broad breaker end.

There are four little grooves on the beginning of handle. These have got a minimal guarding role, because shows, where the front of handle, and works as nonskid surface. The sides of handle are flat, and parallel, but rounded well up and down. It has got good grip, you can hold, and drive the knife well, in spite of little size. The grooves on the end of handle makes easier to pull out the knife from sheath. The sheath is a pocket sheath, through the D ring you can hang it from the belt with a carbine.

I carry the Shoki in the pocket discreetly. Shoki is a real EDC knife. It is small, so it can be with us everytime, even if we live in a city. Further more it is very strong, so you can use it during trips, and camps. Many Shoki are used as a bushcraft knife.

Blade size: 80x22x6mm
Blade material: Sleipner tool steel
Handle size: 108x22x18mm
Handle material: FR4, wood, micarta
Field of usage: EDC, the everydays or even bushcraft.
Base price: 116 EUR + shipping
Optional: Micarta – 6 EUR
N690 steel – 3 EUR