Little trapper

Little Trapper is the Trapper’s EDC sized version. Its form is like the french trade knife also. The blade is 8 cm long, and it has drop point. The handle is 10 cm, and it is made in the style of black powder gun handle. This knife can be a good choice in the field of EDC knives. Practical piece, which can be carry in pocket comfortably, and approximately it can cope with every tasks, which crop up on an average day. The blade is 5mm thick, and it can be made of every steels in the shop.

I do not have suggestion to the handle material either, it can be wood, FR4, micarta, according to the owners request. The sheath is a bit more special, than the other model’s sheath. It has got a D ring, which can be hold on the belt with the help of a carbine. You can carry the whole construction comfortably, and secretly more or less, and take out the knife easily.

Details of the knife:

Blade size: 80x30x5mm
Blade material: Sleipner, Rigor, N690, 58-60HRC
Handle size: 100×24-30x20mm
Handle material: FR4, wood, micarta
Total length: 180mm
Field of usage: Everyday life
Base price: 120 EUR + shipping
Optional: Micarta – 6 EUR
N690 steel – 6 EUR