Trapper is a simple, and strong, forest hiker/camp knife for general use. The basis of planning was the french trade knife, which has been popular in North-America for the 17.century:

The Trapper is made of Uddeholm Rigor tool steel (1.2363, similar to A2 tool steel) which is first of all, an excellent quality steel, and on the other hand not a stainless steel with its 5,3% Chromium contant, so fits better to the style of knife, than stainless steels. I make the blade 6mm thick with the rolled surface (similar to forged finish) as you can see it on the picture, 130mm long, and 40mm wide with strong drop point. The first 30mm of spine is straight, and edges are rounded, so the user can push bravely the thumb during heavy work.

The other parts of spine has 90 degree edge, and the ground edge at point is sharp enough to launch sparks from ferro rod. Cutting edge is sable ground, with straight sides, and small convex edge, it is about 15-16 degrees. This type of edge can cut very well, but strong enough for heavy use, and resistance against damages, mainly when it has been made from tough tool steel like Rigor. It is useful for carving and splitting wood.

I can make the handle of exotic woods (wenge, ovangkol, bubinga), FR4 plastic, or micarta, and it has a form, like the handle of 17.century hand guns. FR4 is not an authentic material, but very heavy-duty, so it is good choice for a camp knife. Length of the handle is 122mm, and comes broader from 30mm to 36mm. It is rounded well, with comfortable grip. The hand guard is a 300 years old design, but does its work perfectly. Wooden panels are fitted to the steel with glue, and screws. Sheath is a simple pouch sheath, made of 3,5mm thick rawhide, with internal leather parts.

Details of knife:

Blade size: 128x40x6mm
Blade material: Uddeholm Rigor 58-60 HRC
Handle size: 122×30-36x22mm
Handle material: FR4, wood, micarta
Field of usage: Camping, bushcraft, kitchen, hunting.
Base price: 128 EUR + shipping
Optional: Micarta – 9 EUR