This leuku is the transcription of saami leuku, or, as they call, stuorra niibi, from the Shaman workshop. Leuku is a basic tool for Saamis’s everyday life. At the hard circumstancies of the region of Polar Circle, during the last centuries, leuku became a utility tool, which can de useful as a knife, or smaller axe. Saami people could cut the firewood, made reindeer folds, traps, and other tools, and prepared the hunted games, or killed reindeers with leuku.

If we look at an authentic leuku closely, we can see, that this tool is really capable for many things:

The long and wide blade is very good for chopping, rough carving, splitting, slicing, food making. The handle is broad with oval cross section and a big pommel on the end, so it is a real tool handle. You can hold it securely, even in gloves, and during chopping, or cutting branches it never slides out of hand.

Shaman leuku kept the main characteristics of the original leuku:

The blade is 22 cm long, 4 cm wide, slightly drop point, which makes easy to put the knife into the sheath. The blade is gettind wider minimally to the tip. The edge is a scandinavian-convex type with 24-26 degrees. The blade material can be Rigor, or Sleipner, because of their high toughness. The handle is full tang, built with scales, which are fixed with glue and screwes. It has oval cross section, widest in the middle with a broad pommel. This part makes to leuku this knife. Shaman leuku has guard for safety. The handle material can be FR4, or any hard wood. Sheath is a simple pouch style, made of leather.

Details of the knife:

Blade size: 220x40x6mm
Blade material: Sleipner, Rigor 58 HRC
Handle size: 130x38x22mm
Handle material: FR4, hardwood
Field of usage: Bushcraft, camping.
Base price: 136 EUR + shipping
Optional: Micarta – 9 EUR