Viking is a northern style knife. It is the full tang version of the viking age work knives. It is a very simple form. The blade is being made of Uddeholm Sleipner tool steel. Its form follows the puukko blade. Spine is straight. The blade is 11 cm long, it is getting narrow ahead, and turn in a determined line to the tip. It has got scandi-convex grind, which is flat with a narrow convex cutting edge. I left the steel’s original rolled surface on the sides of blade, so it remains rustic. The handle is 12 cm long with straight lines, and it is getting broader to the end. It is very simple, many-sided form, like a tool handle. The cross-section is oval, like an apple seed. It is a typical scandinavian solution. In this way the edge is very close to the hand, cutting is not hindered by anything, but of course cautiousness is necessary for the usage of this knife because the lack of guard.

There is a lanyard hole at the end of handle, which can be reachable in the groove of scales. The wood, or micarta handle is fastened with screwes, and glue. There are three 12mm holes in the steel of handle, which makes better the balance of knife.

And, what you can use this knife for? Probably for every tasks, what can be acceptable a knife with this size, as Vikings used their knife for many tasks around the house. I rank this knife to the bushcraft category, because of its many-side usage.

Blade size: 110x31x4,5mm
Blade material: Sleipner 59-60HRC
Handle size: 118×31-33x20mm
Handle material: Wood, micarta
Field of usage: Bushcraft
Base price: 122 EUR + shipping
Optional: Micarta – 9 EUR
N690 steel – 6 EUR