Nomad is a bushcraft knife. The size and form of knife makes it suitable to do the cutting tasks, which come to arise during bushcraft. Wood carving, making feather stick, and fire, food preparing can be solved easily in camp conditions. It is a light knife, so it is not problem to carry it on the belt, or in the rucksack even during long trips.

The blade is drop point type, and 10,5 cm long. This is ideal size for this activity. The spine is sharp, except for the first three cm in front of handle, so it can launch sparks well, and good for scraping. Nomad has approximately 18 mm high sable grind edge. It is the combination of straight edge, and convex bevel. This type can cut wood well, and easy to drive during cutting. The guard is small, triangle form, it can protect hand meanwhile work, and with the outer side it drives the edge to the wood, which must be carved.

Handle is a classic bushcraft knife handle. It is broadest in the middle, view from above it has fish body form, the pommel is like a bird head, with breaker end. Handle scales can be made all of the materials, what are in stock in the shop. It can be wood, micarta, or FR4. Sheath is the usual pouch style.

Details of knife:

Blade size: 105x31x5mm
Blade material: Rigor, N690
Handle size: 120x29x22mm
Handle material: FR4, wood, micarta
Field of usage: Bushcraft
Base price: 142 EUR + shipping
Optional: Micarta – 9 EUR
N690 steel – 7 EUR