This is a bushcraft knife. It is compact, powerful, and capable to do the different tasks during bushcraft, as cutting of wood material for shelter building, cutting of firewood, splitting, fire making with ferro rod, or food making. It is ready for rougher wood carving, because heavy enough, strong, so we can make spikes, trap, or tool parts within short time. It is suitable tool as a hunting knife, because, according to the edge type, and the drop point, it is good for skinning, and gutting of game.

The blade is a classic 11 cm long drop point type. The edge is about 20mm high flat grind, with convex cutting edge. I like to make this scandi-convex grinding on bushcraft knife blades, because it can cut well, but strong enough in the same time. It is easy to drive the blade in the material. Otherwise the classic scandi grind is not the best idea on a blade like this, because this knife 2-3 times heavier than a puukko, we can work with it bigger force, so the edge must cope with bigger effects without damages.

The handle is 12 cm long, broader in the middle, similar to a fish body in the view from above, the pommel is like a birdhead, and there is a 4mm wide breaker end on it. Handle material can be FR4, micarta, or different type of hardwoods, which are on stock in the workshop. The sheath is black, or brown pouch style leather one.

Details of the knife:

Blade size: 110x34x5mm
Blade material: Sleipner, Rigor, N690
Handle size: 120x32x22mm
Handle material: FR4, wood, micarta
Field of usage: Bushcraft, hiking, camping, hunting.
Base price: 142 EUR + shipping
Optional: Micarta – 9 EUR
N690 steel – 7 EUR